CHM Animal Ethics Committee

AEC Meetings Calendar 2019

Meeting Dates Agenda Submission due dates
Thursday 7th February Thursday 24th January
Thursday 21st March Thursday  7th March
Thursday 30th May Thursday 16th May
Thursday 12th September Thursday 29th August
Thursday 21st November Thursday 7th November

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Below you will find the CHM Alliance Animal  Ethics Committee Operations Manual. Simply click on the relevant link to open the .pdf  file.

Animal Ethics Committee Operations Manual 

Front Cover

Table of Contents

Section 1:  AEC Document Registers

Section 2:  CHM AEC Terms of Reference

Section 3:  Membership

  Section 4:  AEC Meetings

Section 5:  Project Documentation

Section 6:  Site Inspections

Section 7:  Responsible Research / Grievance / Complaints

Section 8:  Queensland Government Information

 Section 9:  Queensland Government Forms

  • Animal  Welfare Unit Biosecurity Queensland: AEC member/advisor’s details

 Section 10: Australian Government

Section 11: South Australian Government

  • Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, South Australia
  • Animal Welfare Act, 1985, South Australia